Still trying to quit smoking?

Studies have found that it takes the average person 7-9 quit attempts to successfully stop smoking. People who can’t quit the first or second time often give up, allowing months or years to pass between attempts.

Sound familiar?

The reason for this could be fear of failure, but failing to quit is not an option. Your life depends on it.

Remember that each time you make an effort to quit, you learn something that will help you on your next attempt. Don’t beat yourself up. Try, learn and then try again.

Learn to get up and keep trying.

It’s like riding a bicycle. You may fall down a few times, but at some point you will be able to remove the training wheels and ride down the street without fear of falling.  So don’t let the fear of failure keep you from trying again.

If you have tried several times to quit, but have failed, think about what you learned from each attempt and then try again. Join one of our groups to learn a new approach and get a fresh perspective!