I have currently made it over four months without smoking.  Several earlier attempts were not so successful.  It was so easy to get down on myself if I failed, to say “Hey, I’m just a smoker and always will be”.  Luckily I had good support people around me and the strength and encouragement from the QuitGroup members.

It took several attempts, trying different doses and types of medication to gradually go from 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day down to 8-10 a day, then 5-6 a day, to 2 or 3 a day until I felt that with the patches and the support I could make it happen.

If you have tried and failed, don’t beat yourself up.  Very few are lucky enough to make it last on their first attempt.  Do whatever works for you and take it at your own pace.  It took me forty three years of smoking and five quit attempts to get here so, don’t give up!

At QuitGroups, we know that smoking is a difficult addiction. If you’re able to quit smoking for over a year after your first attempt, good for you! The truth is that most people, like Scott, require multiple attempts to stay smoke-free for a long time. Live Casino Sites , Scott Johnson

That’s one of the main principles on which our program is based. We encourage you to sign up for as many groups as you need. No one will judge you for taking your time. (Of course, give it your best shot!) –Best new online casino sites ,  Group Leader